P r i s o n  P e d a g o g y

Personal Responsibility in Learning  

Bottom line:  prison is no place to teach. By the time someone gets to prison

they cannot learn unless they surrender. It is the perfect environment in which to apply

the Personal Responsibility in Learning model.


To learn, one must commit to change, because learning changes behavior. 

The challenge in prison pedagogy is not to teach, but to learn. 

The teacher needs only to allow learning without coersion and abuse of authority. 


Self-respect is the driving force behind personal responsibility. 

It is (l)earned through productive relationships with trusted associates. 

The classroom must function as a team with deadlines to meet

and enough to do so that everyone is engaged in the learning process.


Students must be allowed to indulge in any discipline that suits them

and to design their own learning plan toward the GED certificate and beyond.                               HOME